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Following my discussions with her about greening the business, Ling has grasped the environmental nettle and is giving UK car buyers comprehensive environmental data on all new cars for sale in the UK to enable them to make an informed choice. Considering they had spent £100k on their website, for my hand-made LINGs to "Ling's Cars was featured recently on the BBC's Dragons Den program and really tries hard to provide a personal touch to her car leasing website.

unfranchised website in the whole UK car industry means a lot to me. Unfortunately this means ignoring a few of the user friendly features on more conventional sites.

Windows - For windows, the driver comes as an easy installer.

Linux - For Linux, it comes as a script which you need to run in a terminal as root.

Manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Vizio, and Elite offer TVs with the Skype service preinstalled.

Some of these high-end models even include integrated cameras, meaning all you have to do is open the Skype app, sign in, and you are good to go.

Frankly, it looks like a total car crash - but that's precisely the point.".It will try to download and install additional files if your linux doesn't already have them.You need to run this script every time you want to use your android as webcam. Now open Skype, Google hangout or any other video call application and for the video section, choose the webcam driver you just installed and start it.I just watched the man drive off in that chunky truck and I hope he's going home. Depending on your operating system (Windows or Linux), use the links to download and install the webcam driver on your PC.

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Must confess, my husband walked by a few moments ago and swiped one out of the cake stand, and it was all I could do not to smack it out of his hand. I wonder if anyone will notice if I hide them somewhere and keep them all to myself... I'm sure I'm committing some sort of sacrilege by eating it with ice cream, but it is soooo good.

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