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Please, if possible, to not sent email using HTML, for email client that Platyna uses HTML is unreadable.

Channel will be rejected if its homepage contains materials that are illegal (racism, etc.).

It may sound obvious, but make sure you include the name of the channel, what it is for and where its homepage is.

Can you make sure your submission is in English please even if it is for a non-English channel.

If you're using Pirch, you will need to add a new connection to Ir CQNet. ** Other Web TV IRCs While we can't offer official support for IRCs other than the one provided by WOW, you should be able to connect to our new server by changing the server information, provided the author has included that option.

Step-by-step instructions are available at: If you're using Ircle, complete the following steps: Open Connections Window. The server information is: Server: net Port: 6667If you are unable to modify your IRC, please contact the author of the IRC for help.-- Help is available If you have any problems or questions, help is available in the Chat Server Connection Issues discussion on these boards, in #Womens Space and #Lesbian Space, or you can email [email protected] recommend you visit our chat help section on the WOW website if you need help changing or setting up your chat client. I hvave told others to do it that way too and they can't get in.......

After many months of searching and evaluating servers, we've selected a new and larger server for our chats!

On July 11, 2003, WOW will be moving our chats to Ir CQ-Net, which is operated by the folks that run ICQ.

We highly recommend testing your connection before the move, to reduce the stress of last-minute connection problems.Please be careful who to trust with links, and ask a network staff member if you are not 100% sure!Soon there will be some minor visual and organizational changes to the IRC Chat Network and website, along with the introduction of some new software for the IRC Chat network including a fully-fledged IRC Chat client like m IRC, and a new release of our already popular Registration Wizard.Comments and critiques are based on our personal views and are not necessarily shared or condoned by the maintainers and owners of this site.To submit a new channel home page to this index, mail Platyna at [email protected] contact her on IRC.

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By Phyber BX, Apatrix, and Jolo Original version at please do not mirror or distribute. The IRC Connection Problems Guide covers the most common problems, with emphasis on EFnet.

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