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With a large following on You Tube and their own self-titled website, “Carbon Dating” is about baby boomers Madelyn (Marcie Barkin) and Amelia (Amanda Serra) trying to evolve and stay relevant in a youth-oriented society.

He wanted to act in some of the episodes, but it would be his debut as a producer. The idea that people in the second half of their life or even the last third of their life trying to find love and attachment,” says actor-turned-producer Michael Gross about the new online program “Carbon Dating.” In our recent webchat (), he asks, “How do they go about it after divorce, disillusion, death?How do you reenter that game in a youth-oriented culture?CAMS is one of several dozen labs worldwide that conduct accelerator mass spectrometry, or AMS.The technique is less time-consuming and requires a much smaller sample size than traditional carbon dating.

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