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One of the things I have been missing in Ableton Live is the ability to see all of the devices/plugins of all of the tracks at once.It’s a bit annoying having to hop tracks to see what devices each one has loaded up. If you prefer a video you should go check the original video tutorial at Sonic Bloom blog.All you need to do is create a file called with a line That is all!Start up Live and in the lower right side of the screen you will notice a new “plug” icon which allows you to show/hide device slots in the clip view.Live XXX was previously a channel in Sky's Adult section, which ran free-to-air for up to 2½ hours (9pm-11.30pm) before becoming encrypted.

There are reports this does not work with earlier versions of Live.

Note: If you are seeing empty device slots, you probably have to make your tracks wider for the device names to show up.

There are some further Ableton Live customizations that you can do with the file.

* The LIVE Server is already installed on the Free Linux Account provided by Star Net To start a new desktop or to connect to an existing LIVE session you need the following: Suspending an instance disconnects i LIVEx from the remote system.

Suspended instances continue to run on the Linux host until you resume the session from the i Pad or from a Windows, Macintosh or Linux workstation.

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