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He will call you “baby” and say he is there for you no matter what.He is trying to isolate you and you know it, but for a moment, it feels safe.Sociopaths will charm their partners when they sense that they can gain from their relationships. Relationships with sociopaths are full of fun and laughter.You may not know that you’re involved with them because they behave in a way you like. Sociopaths are not necessarily dangerous, but they can make life unbearable. We don’t want to think there is something wrong with the person we chose to love and spend our time with. There are a few warning signs, red flags if you will, but we brush them off. You do not leave without mental (or sometimes even physical) scars to remind you of the very abusive relationship you have just experienced. They have a high sexual attraction and use this to their advantage. You are caught up in the excitement of the romance and lose your head. They may also buy gifts take you on trips or whatever it takes to win you fast. They know they cannot hide their bad behavior long so they will try to cement the deal before you become aware and try and leave. They always play the victim in stories from their past. Blaming it on childhood scars, work problems, relationship issues, money problems, etc.

You’ll find that sociopaths are not understanding and have problems showing their real feelings. They don’t show their emotions during tense situations. You may be dating a sociopath — one of the worst predators in the dating and relationship world. That little voice in your head is called “gut instinct,” listen to it!You will call your best friend and you will cry more. I mean, the dating scene is scary to say the least and this person isn’t so bad.

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