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The two address the latest in Sports, Music, and Pop Culture. The "Unquestionably Raw NBA Podcast" part of the "16 Wins A Ring" network ( is a multi-episode per week NBA Basketball podcast providing all the latest in-depth news, notes & analysis on today's hottest topics and more. The "Unquestionably Raw NBA Podcast" part of the "16 Wins A Ring" network ( is a multi-episode per week NBA Basketball ...

"Werd Bugger" The Argumentcast; a podcast starring Rob Lindsay & Joe Crouch that centers on their bickering on pop culture, film, and anything else that gets their backs up.

Lake Elsinore was named after the Danish city, Elsinore, in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Besides a lake monster, Lake Elsinore is rumored to also have ghosts, UFO's, satanists, vampire cults, and even a group of ten citizens who claim to all have known each other in past lives and have all been mass reincarnated.

Let us help you customize your special wedding event to make it a one-of-a-kind experience.Come for a personalized tour and take a look yourself!The Sportsplex building has a flat, well-manicured lawn where the view of Pikes Peak dramatically jumps up out of the pines.Ballroom Balloons encourages people to participate in the celebration by writing a message or poem to be read out loud by the character.If you are so bold as to write lyrics to a popular song, the character will sing that.

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  1. You will also need to manually download the PS3 System Software v4.46 from the link below. (right-click and save as) After you have the Update, there are three stages to go through; Step 1 - Preparing the Manual Update, Step 2 - Activating Safe Mode on your PS3 and Step 3 - Manually Update PS3 Software.

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