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According to Maslow, acceptance is a fundamental need.

When you validate a person’s decisions, you encourage them to let go of their doubts and make the choice you want them to.In fact, I would argue that most demotivating aspects at work come down to people feeling invalidated –feeling like others are not seeing me for the person I am trying to be. Think of the last 10 instances you’ve witnessed when someone was really demotivated in his/her job.Sure, some of those were probably because people were working too hard, or bored with what they were doing.Enables you to define the point where one day crosses over to the next as the "day breaker." Although the day breaker is usually midnight—the moment when one calendar day becomes the next—you can set the day breaker to a different time to create virtual days that more closely mirror actual shifts worked.The system uses the day breaker to determine the exact "date under report" (DUR) of each punch or collection of punches that comprise the shift.

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