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from 1996 to 2000 — while raising cattle, hogs and grain.

By 2004 he began considering a retirement from his corporate career, and it was around that time that bison made their debut at Snake River Farm.

For more than 25 years, Attorney Norman Mattar has defended people accused of Sex Crimes in Buffalo and Western New York. For more information about charges of Soliciting Minors Online in New York, call 716-633-4300 to discuss your case with Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Norman Mattar.

The state later relaxed the requirement, but awarded the contract to Louis Ciminelli’s firm anyway.•The state development corporation managing the Buffalo Billion has taken up to a year to release public records that, among other things, detail how Ciminelli and other developers were selected.

But the management of the Buffalo Billion by the Cuomo administration has raised eyebrows — and concerns — in some quarters.

Consider:•One of Cuomo’s largest campaign contributors from the Buffalo area has been awarded contracts to develop two of the three facilities that will house companies recruited to set up shop in Buffalo.

Sex sting operations cast a wide net, and they often end up catching people who have never been in trouble with the law before.

In many cases, the undercover officers entrap people who did not intend to commit a crime. In New York, the entrapment defense may apply if you are induced or encouraged by a police officer (or someone acting in cooperation with law enforcement) to commit a crime you were not otherwise disposed to commit.

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