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I’ve been told that the graphics card does not have dedicated memory, and while that might be bad for some, I didn’t notice any lack of performance because of it.This particular model does not come with a CD-ROM drive, but because everything I need is either downloadable or loaded on a flash drive, I’m not missing it.What was once considered a buzzword, these stats only proves that content marketing is a sustainable tactic that is here to stay.Simply put: content marketing not only helps you generate more focused content for your website, but it can also drum up engagement with your target audience, drive more leads down your sales funnels, and convert more customers!This allows you to view all their updates in one place instead of going from one site to another.

Well, that fountain, called the Martin’s Place Fountain, is in Sydney, Australia. Little did I know people would be shooting at me, and I would have to dodge bullets a la the Matrix: That should fulfill your silliness quotient of the day.

Things of Note- I have been writing fanfiction for Power Rangers, Harry Potter, and Teen Wolf on and off for years.- I use Punk Pink Power to register on everything online- youtube,, AO3, livejournal, Dreamwidth, and even random games and forums.

If you see Punk Pink Power somewhere, it's most likely me.

(Please note this is not a promise of anything, but I'm curious) Vote Now!

Whether you've been with me for a long while, or if this is your first time, feel free to answer this poll: If you could choose any one of my old unfinished stories for me to finish, which would it be?

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