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Professor Helen King (Professor of Classical Studies, Open University) Abstract In this paper I will discuss the various challenges that have been made to Thomas Laqueur's model of a shift from a 'one-sex' to a 'two-sex' model of the body in the eighteenth century.

I will consider the attractions - especially to those in literature and related disciplines - and the dangers of any such model, and the ways in which different academic disciplines have received this particular one.

In a way you have to experience reality sets to understand reality sex.

I’ve worked on Big Brother for years, yet on the handful of times that I’ve been inside the house to do filming I find myself wondering why the camera crew haven’t gone in there with me.

Agents loaded in two SUVs at the ICE Long Island field office, around 5 a.m, and set out for the man who was preparing to leave for work.

Once on the block where he lives, we sat for an hour waiting for the Nissan sedan that normally picks him up.

The first man entered the United States illegally and was convicted of criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child.

A joint event, hosted by CIRF, Generation to Reproduction and the Classics Faculty (C caucus).

With programmes like Love Island and Big Brother airing consecutively there is frenzied interest and competition in terms of viewing figures and even more intense pressure to steal each morning’s headlines in a bid to attract one another’s viewers.

Sex has historically been a turn-off for regular fans of shows like Big Brother, who tend to prefer set-piece arguments to sizzling sex scenes and who can be quite prudish when it comes to voting tendencies, but in terms of attention-grabbing for both the housemates themselves and the press attention, it still wins hands-down every time.

After reading the reviews posted here I felt compelled to add my two cents worth.

While most of the reviewers praise the book a few seem obsessed with and critical of the often distatsteful subject matter.

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